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Oğuzeli Honeysuckle Adventure
Our workshop was established with the Nar Hanımeller Life Project, which was submitted to the GAP Regional Development Presidency in 2018. The aim of the project is to continue the production of the pomegranate fruit, which is the symbol of our district, and to employ our entrepreneurial women. In this sense, all responsibilities were fulfilled, and with the devoted work of our Entrepreneur ladies, we started to serve our pomegranate producers in the workshop. 40 of our entrepreneurial women received training on Local Food Production and Packaging. Thus, Pomegranate appreciated and encouraged the producer, and our entrepreneurial women took part in business life and the adventure of establishing Oğuzeli Hanımeller Women's Cooperative began. In 2019, cooperative trainings were given to 20 women entrepreneurs in cooperation with Undp and GAP Regional Development Presidency.

Presented to İpekyolu Development Agency in 2019;
Oğuzeli has expanded its workshop activities with the acceptance of the projects “Make Uretsin Dryers Branded” and “Pomegranate Production in Oğuzeli and Increasing Product Diversity”. By expanding the product range, all local products have been started to be produced in our workshop. Carefully selected agricultural products. The services provided in the workshop are in the form of granulating the pomegranate fruit and delivering it to the producer by squeezing the juice.

The productions made in the workshop can also be accessed from the products section of the web page.
Our Dried Vegetables and Fruits operator course opened in 2020 with the cooperation of Gaziantep Provincial Directorate of Business Administration, and our process of establishing Oğuzeli Hanımeli Women's cooperative in 2021 continues with the support of Oğuzeli Municipality.

In our workshop, education and local food production and diversification studies are still continuing with 12 women entrepreneurs and a food engineer.

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